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KOMBO J will support aid and development organizations all over the world with 10% of the proceeds. Our goal is it to have long-lasting cooperations.
If you and your organization want to be the next project from KOMBO J, please write us an email

Project #1 – Future for Kids Kenya e.V.

The main mission from this organization is to give kids from Kenya a future. With the school called ´Diana Busara School´ they gave almost 400 kids the chance of school education. Giving children not just only the right, more the possibility of education, will build the base of changes. Changes in life of the children, in their family, in their hometown, in their country. They get an important good in their hands that no one can ever take away from them: Knowledge.
You can find more information about this organization when you follow the button:

If you are interested for an volunteering position at the Diana Busara Junior School you can find some more information when following the button. We highly recommend it!